Friday, June 19, 2009

malaysiakini and that THIRD BRIDGE to Singapore...

This story from malaysiakini is not surprising.
Sultan torches Najib's '3rd bridge' in which the Johor ruler has stated his objection to a third bridge.
I don't believe the ruler has the authority to reject such a project but he could certainly make life unpleasant for the Mentri Besar.
Of more concern to JB folks is the economic fall-out after traffic was diverted from the city centre with the new CIQ and apart from City Square, traders are really suffering from the new flow away from the town.
Instead of the third bridge, the monies would be better spent on providing a better transport system between JB and Singapore to attract more to come and spend in Malaysia.
A worthwhile project would be a JV to extend the SMRT system into JB and perhaps Tebrau with an undersea tunnel as that would reduce the number of buses using the Causeway.
These surplus buses could in turn be used to transport passengers from the housing estates to these transport hubs. Definitely not rocket science.

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