Thursday, June 25, 2009

malaysiakini and ANOTHER Take on the "UNITY" Government?

Somehow it seems the government lacks credibility when leaders have to use religion to promote the unity government concept as described in this malaysiakini article PM: 'A religious duty to have unity talks'.
To me the BN would gain more respect if it accorded the opposition states more cooperation to enable the nation to develop universal good principles of governance so that Malaysians can experience real progress.
It seems that the BN has not learned any lessons after the Perak fiasco and is prepared to churn out more dirty tricks.
I for one do not really believe the motives of this lop-sided approach to the "unity" government concept.
There are so many glaring issues like the IPCMC failure and the tainted Judiciary that are so plainly obvious and putting a religious spin on achieving a good government is simply quite incredulous.

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