Wednesday, June 17, 2009

malaysiakini and ANARCHY in Malaysia?

I have been away from Malaysia since 28th May and spent the time in Europe; visiting Italy, Greece and Turkey. I may blog about my travels later if readers are interested.
I also visited my first mosque in Kusadasi near the historic town of Ephesus - I mention this because I still remember being prevented from entering the National Mosque in Kuala Lumpur when it was still new many years ago.
While I was away, I still watched the news channels but it is surprising how little or no news about Malaysia is broadcast overseas.
Now that I am back it is business as usual and this malaysiakini report shows how justice can be delayed and injustice condoned by the justice system.
The even more damaging report Malaysia blacklisted for human trafficking shows that we can have all the laws but if the controls are lacking, the system fails abysmally.
If the heading sounds too dramatic, we can now see the failing of Malaysia as a state as important state institutions are being compromised by vested interests with little or no checks and balances.
We have all the trappings of a democratic government but sadly we are definitely headed towards a failed nation where the voice of the people is being stifled with draconian laws and law agencies that appear beyond redemption.
But we need to make a final stand and I strongly urge you to register and vote in the next elections or we may not be able to escape the same fate as Zimbabwe.

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