Sunday, June 21, 2009

malaysiakini and SPREADING the A(H1N1) EPIDEMIC....

Looking at the way the latest flu virus is spreading, it seems that the health authorities are not doing enough to reduce this health hazard.
We all know that no nation has been able to eliminate the threat and efforts have been mostly of the quarantine and other social distancing programs.
When I returned home after spending 3 weeks abroad, I told my daughter that I would not visit them for a few days as I wanted a clean bill of health before I exposed them to any possible contagion.
This article in malaysiakini shows how the flu has spead in Malaysia. A(H1N1): 7 more cases, 42 in total suggests that we are just at the beginning of a long struggle to contain this menace.
Today's Star has an even more startling headine: 11 year-old girl among new A(H1N1) cases describes how a single pupil who was infected has now caused the lives of perhaps a hundred other people to become disrupted with home quarantine.
In Hong Kong primary schools and kindergartens have been closed after their first case of A(H1N1)and I suggest the health and education authorities should impose a few extra precautions if we truly want to reduce the spread of the disease.
Temperature scanning has really a limited use as a person who is in the early stage has no abnormal temperature and gets past the scan without problems.
Since we cannot impose travel bans without major disruptions, we should require all students who travel abroad to practice a 2-day self imposed quarantine after their return.
Parents who send their children back to school without the necessary delay should be subject to penalties.

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