Friday, June 26, 2009

malaysiakini and Being Completely OFF the Mark...

No I am not going to talk about Najib's 1Malaysia concept that is described in this malaysiakini article as being Najib completely off the mark.
I want to highlight another minister who is also quite capable of the "foot in mouth" disease.
Strangely enough, he occupies the post of Information Minister and he suggests that the MSM do not use the term "A(H1N1)" to decribe the latest flu pandemic with the argument that Malaysians will get confused with such a terminology.
I guess he must take us all as fools. Maybe in his little mind he believes that somehow "swine flu" will have a greater impact as the "pig" word will have a "haram" connotation with most of the population and they will be scared shitless?
Maybe we should change his official title to "Minister of Disinformation"?

Meanwhile this bit of information will have Malaysians debating on the following questions:
1.When will Malaysia appoint its next non-Malay general or IGP?
2.When will Malaysia appoint its first non-Malay Chief Justice?

You see Singapore has appointed its first Malay general according to this article in the Malaysian Insider.

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