Thursday, August 5, 2010


“We were once Malaysians” so we are told
The sorry saga took 40 years to unfold
Meanwhile our institutions have turned to crap
With simple citizens falling into the traps.

When cops who pledge to guard our lives
Simply connive with crooks to cause some dives
With judges abusing the laws for political masters
The nation’s headed for impending disasters

When security laws are treated with disdain
Peaceful vigils can result in great pain
From heavy boots and chemical sprays to protest
The ordinary folks are simply no contest

Penans can protest their rights to live with trees
The bulldozers unrelenting force shows no one is free
We have become enslaved with NEP and Ketuanan*
The most vicious strains of virus for manusia-an.*

FDIs have fled from Malaysia and may never come back
An eighty percent drop is disastrous someone deserves the sack!
When will sleeping Malaysians wake up to reality?
The Bankrupsi Negara regime end made a finality.

We are still Malaysians we must uphold
Human dignity the birthright of all the fold
With proper plans to aid all the poor
Neither race nor creed to be shown the door
But first we must reclaim our rights and join the cause
To vote new leaders who respect us without pause

Vision2020 is a dream turned into nightmare
With constant plunder there’s nothing left to share
Our young have moved to distant shores
Deserted villages lie beyond our doors

If you plan to swallow the 1Malaysia crap
Learn to live on a boot-strap
If you want Malaysia to change for the better
You must break that voting fetter

After forty plus years of Bankrupsi Negara rules
Can we still ponder to remain like fools?
Allowing the corrupt and murder to rule our lives
To change for the better we must strive

So think hard but don’t take too long
The nation’s weak and heart’s not strong
Come vote the day we can freedom reclaim
Your birthright to regain Malaysia’s fame.

*Ketuanan - Malay word meaning superiority, tuan means "master"
*manusia - Malay word meaning human beings

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