Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Desaru Trip and Death on the Road

My family spent a few days at Lotus Desaru Resort that was 100% full of mainly Singaporeans getting away for the long weekend.
The place is OK and I would rate it as a 3-star resort; with the staff struggling to hope with the 1000 holiday-makers.
The trip was marred though as there was a fatal accident about 5km before the turn-off to Johor Lama.
The road was a 2-lane road without the central divider and the accident involved a lorry trailer loaded with oil palm fruit that was headed towards Kota Tinggi and a passenger car. My daughter saw 2 bodies covered with plastic and I saw a black plastic wrapping what I thought was that of a small child.
The accident caused queues about 1km long on both sides of the accident scene and as usual motorists became impatient and started using the road shoulders to cut the queue. There was no police control except right at the scene of the mishap.
By the time we got past, the Bomba department were trying to extricate the driver of the lorry. The lorry had overturned and was blocking one lane of the road and oil palm fruit was scattered all over.
The accident delayed our arrival at the resort by about one hour.
We left on Tuesday and most of the crowd had returned on Monday, so there was a nice feel of spaciousness then and the restaurant staff were able to operate at a more sane level.
On the way back we made a brief stop at the Desaur Fruit farm and the Crocodile World at Telok Sengat. The crocodile farm was well worth the visit.
If you plan to drive during the festive season, make sure you are well and also have adequate rest before you start your journey.
If you have just passed your driving test, ask a more experienced driver to check your driving before you drive solo. That could help to prevent you becoming another fatal statistic on Malaysia's killer roads.

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