Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Product of the BTN?

malaysiakini and other MSM have this story about the Headmistress of a school in Johore who insulted her non-Malay pupils with demands they could go back to China or India.
I have no doubt that in Malaysia, most people have some racial prejudices but it seems in Malaysia, people in authority or influence can get away with public insults of others. It is definitely not helping the 1Malaysia idea that is being promoted by the PM Najib.
After many police reports were made, the Minister of Education has now ordered a probe on the
'Racist' headmistress

Sorry but you have failed in your duty as the Minister of Education for rubbishing the 1Malaysia concept with your "I am Malay first...." ideology.
How can people in authority follow your type of leadership.
There is no need for any more delaying tactics with such a probe. Just don't interfere with the police investigations.
I hope the voters in the next GE will echo the words of Donald Trump to tell you:

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