Thursday, August 12, 2010

The BULLET in the Mail.....

According to the malaysiakini report Bullet in the mail for Pua, the DAP MP has been targeted for speaking up against the housing discount for Bumis.

He did not say anything radical; just pointing out that the discount for luxury homes for Bumis should be discontinued as first-time house buyers needed more help than the privileged rich.
I would go even further to redress this housing injustice.
We need a policy that provides a housing allowance for ALL first-time house buyers for properties not exceeding RM250k. This allwance could be a tax rebate so only registered taxpayers will be assisted.
The present system is totally unjust when a person who already owns properties can get discounts simply based on race.

For this he gets a bullet in the mail?
Truly we have some sickos in Malaysia.

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