Saturday, January 31, 2009

malaysiakini and MAJOR WORRIES about our ECONOMIC PLANNING..

As the world totters on the brink on an economic Armageddon, Malaysians seem to have adopted their usual "tiadapathy" attitude and that Allah willing, everything will be fine.
Just 2 recent incidents that highlight the type of economic planning we seem to encourage - I would describe it as the "kite-flying method" in which some wild ideas are flown in the wind.
A few weeks back we had the proposal for Sime Darby(SD) to take control of the IJN, a widely recognised medical institute that is in the forefront of heart surgery in Malaysia. The public outcry was loud and clear and SD had to retreat.
Now this article in malaysiakini New LCCT flip-flop: Who's in charge here? describes how a new airport has been mooted and then rejected all in the space of three weeks.
Remember that RM500mil sports complex for London that was also promoted about a year back?
Somehow I wonder if the EPU makes use of the dart-board with various outrageous projects and their price tags like RM100m, 500m etc and those guys take turns during tea-breaks to throw darts to pick the next project?

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yellowkingdom said...

You are being very kind in your analogy as throwing darts is a sport requiring skills. I thought perhaps the better analogy would have been a lucky draw like the one Najib conducted for the Class F contractors just before the KT "buy-election".
They seemed to have lost the plot and going great guns at everything and anything, only to retract after running a fool's errand.