Wednesday, January 28, 2009

malaysiakini and the KUGAN Killing - a Sure Sign of the ROT

Many Malaysians do not believe that justice will be served for Kugan, the 22-year old who died in police custody.
The PDRM shows the utter contempt for human rights and it seems anyone in police custody is fair game.
You could be blown up like Altantuuya and in the case of Kugan die with torture marks on your body.
It appears that the BN government is not able to provide a basic framework of justice; with criminal elements now infesting both the police and judicial branches of the government. Maybe it is the government itself that has fallen into the web of corrupt practices with political pressure being exerted on these 2 brances of the justice system.
This article in malaysiakini asks the question Will Kugan get the justice he deserves?
The prognosis is grim unless you, the reader are prepared to make change happen in the next general elections.
To me the choice is crystal clear - Vote out the BN or the next death in police custody could be your family member.

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