Thursday, January 22, 2009

malaysiakini and the IMPENDING RECESSION

Nobody likes a recession as indicated by this article in malaysiakini. Malaysia seeks to fend off recession largely through a stimulus package as the export markets dwindle.
As Singapore is already in a recession, that country may be more willing to discuss the "Straight Bridge" project with Johor Baru again.
Malaysia was simply too foolhardy to start their end of the project without proper agreements by both sides and that is why we ended up with a CIQ that most bus travellers are most unhappy about.

I have now travelled a journey in both directions and if you think getting into JB is difficult, then you need to take the outbound bus to Woodlands.
The distance getting to JB Central is about 800meters but to leave JB you have to walk about 1200meters.

I bet the architect who designed the new CIQ did not take the bus to and from Singapore and has never walked across the Causeway.
There are two more things that can be easily improved as far as the public buses are concerned:

1.Buses like Causeway Link, SBS160&170 and Singapore Express operate hundreds of buses in total every day. The bays for these buses should be as close as possible to the escalator to reduce walking distance for thousands.
2.These buses should not require entering & reversing out of loading bays but should be provided straight through stops.

To me, if a basic infrastructure like a CIQ cannot be designed without so many flaws, I doubt if the government will be capable of designing any stimulus package that will benefit all.
Maybe they will follow Thailand and give everyone a RM500 shopping voucher?

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