Friday, December 12, 2008

WHY am I NOT SURPRISED at this malaysiakini Article?

So the much heralded bills on the MCAC and the JAC have been tabled but surprise, surprise there are no surprises.
Everything changes but nothing changes.
Of course there will be thousands spent on new stationery and office equipment but there really is no fundamental reform.
malaysiakini's article is headed Bills fall far short of PM's reform pledges .
Maybe when the PM plans to leave office in March 2009 and tell us it is all an APRIL FOOLs' joke and we were fools to believe he was really serious?
The PM's major weakness is that he always promises much but delivers little.
MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT with these 2 bills.


chong said...

deliver nothing, not little.

but what can we expect from a branch of robbers, thiefs and murderers???

hopefully all malaysians will awake and not getting possessed in being sodomised by BN.

yellowkingdom said...

I dreamt ACA would be independent and reports directly to Parliament until I woke up. Yawnn.....Stretchh.....! Now back to reality. Thanks to Badawi the dream master.