Wednesday, December 3, 2008

malaysiakini and BLAMING the IPPs

No one likes to accept responsibility for any problems even if they themselves are a major part of the problem.
So this article in malaysiakini asking long-suffering consumers to Don't blame IPPs for energy woes: group is quite pathetic.
Part of the blame lies with the government that gave such sweet-heart deals to the IPPs that some of them like YTL Power can make margins like 50% operating margin and net profit margin of 24%.
(Based on the Star's business section)
I think what should happen with the IPPs is that their AGREEMENTS(under OSA) should be made public so we can have a proper debate of how to put matters right.
To be fair to such companies, I believe if they make 10 to 15% consistently net profit no one is going to complain.

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telur dua said...

The IPPs did not force themselves on the people. If anything, the Gomen forced itself on the IPPs and the people are left carrying the burden.

Who's to blame? You tell me.