Wednesday, December 17, 2008

malaysiakini and the MACC BILL-Will Anything CHANGE?

So the BN Government has managed to steamroll the MACC Bill that gives a makeover on our laws on corruption despite some objections from the Opposition benches.
This article in malaysiakini MACC Bill passed indicates our AG who is already tasked with so much of the burden of going after crooks and accumulating files that cannot continue will be the main actor under the direction of the PM.
I watched Nazri perform on the TV and his main argument was that MPs cannot control the MACC as a popular MP could get away with corruption as his popularity would protect him.
I guess the integrity of the PM overrides those of the MPs who answer to their electorate. Now do you really believe that?
To me if the AG is still the main man determining the advancement of cases, it is still back to square one.
In order words, "Show us the proof" before anything happens and even if there is proof we may decide not to bring to trial as "very susah lah".

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