Monday, December 1, 2008

malaysiakini on MALAYSIA being a BIZARRE NATION

malaysiakini has this article headed When it comes to news of the bizarre, Malaysia boleh.
At least they did not use the word "queer" or that would have sent the religious scholars scurrying to their books.
Maybe those PEMPENA offices that are riddled with scandals can make use of this article to truly promote Malaysia as a nation of many attractions.
Don't just promote family holidays as I think there is a market for those interested in Bolehland attractions such as the following:

1.JB's infamous Crooked Bridge
2.KL's Ring Road should interest hundreds of civil engineers.
3.Bakun Dam for ecologists.
4.Kamunting for those thousands of civil rights activists.
5.Those 24-hour eating outlets would interest those organising eating contests.
6.Private hospitals nearby that can treat your heart attack after an eating marathon.
7.Law students who want to research on how a Judicial System can be compromised.

Any others you want to add?

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