Monday, October 18, 2010

Malaysia Budget 2011 - Now Anyone Can become a HIGH-INCOME Person!

Are Malaysians so naive? When they refer to "high income" it means that some BN cronies will be getting highly lucrative contracts. PERIOD.

What is so special about the 100-storey megatower? It will probably cost more per square metre than any building in Malaysia.

This budget is like claiming that you can become a "high-income" person if you go out and spend all your savings and reserves on a Maserati and buy a mansion with a swimmming pool. Of course it will be enjoyable for a while but it is a surefire way to bankruptcy!

Malaysia will go bankrupt within 3 years unless moderates decide to vote a change of government in the next General Elections.
ALLAH help us all as the lunatics are now in control of the asylum!

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