Saturday, October 16, 2010

Budget 2011 Malaysia-A Blatantly Biased Election Ploy!

Just see who are the main beneficiaries and you will know whom the government is trying to win votes from.

1.Civil servants with a whole package of perks as if the civil service bill is not burdensome enough.
2.New younger voters who have not brought their first homes.

Some trinkets the government is giving us:
1.Cheaper handbags, shampoos and fancy underwear like Victoria's Secrets.
2.Tolls freeze for 5 years.

Meanwhile we have more mega-projects lined up like a 100-storey iconic(?) building that cannot be economically feasible plus a RM65mil renovation project for the PM's house-that really is the icing of the cake! People are struggling to get low-cost homes and the PM can justify a RM65mil facelift for a house that is less than 10 years old.
The other tax that will hit taxpayers hard is the 20% increase in service tax; from 5% to 6%. This will be imposed on all businesses that collect the tax and I expect most families will have to pay an extra RM20 to RM50 each month for service tax.
The only bright news is that Malaysians can undo this foolhardy budget by voting out the BN regime in the General Elections.


solidleong said...

You are right. It only benefit certain parties.

PeterP said...

Will the mega building become BN's own 'Tower of Babel' ?