Monday, October 25, 2010

A Disturbing ACCIDENT Caused by NEGLIGENCE?

I find this incident rather disturbing and wonder if the event cound have been prevented if we had higher safety standards on highways, especially those operated by PLUS.
Unfortunately the news report from the Star only describes it as a freak accident.
To me those photos tell a story that has not been properly checked out.
The following questions should be answered:
1.How old was the signage and when was the last time it was inspected?
2.What was the cause of the sign falling? The direct impact of the lorry or missing bolts from the base of the sign?
3.Did the bolts shear off from the impact or was there not enough thread on the nuts for a secure bolting to the foundation?
4.What was the quality of the welded structure like? Too often one can see examples of inadequate welding for structures, slightly better than spot welding but with inadequate fillet in the joint - just go inspect the RM2bil CIQ in JB and one can see poor welding.
I wonder if MIROS is conducting an inquiry into the sign failure.
Also the unfortunate victim should be adequately compensated by PLUS and anything less than RM1mil is inadequate compensation.

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