Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Agree We Should Have a NEW Parliament.

Let's face the naked truth.
The modus operandi of the Bankrupsi Negara government is to launch meaningless projects that do not benefit the citizens but to create opportunities for BN cronies to make mega-ringgit through the means of dubious projects like Putrajaya and now the proposed new Parliament building.
"According to malaysiakini readers,the Rakyat to 'subsidise' new RM800 mil Parliament this could be just another white elephant that will join Malaysia's growing herd of white elephants.
However I would like to correct another reader's comment that even Singapore has kept its old Parliament building.
According to wikipedia, Singapore replaced its buidling in 1999. One interesting detail of the project is that the budget approved was S$148.2m in 1992 and completed in 1999 with final cost of S$115.2m.
Now the BN(Bankrupsi Negara) government mentions a project cost of RM800m but do you think after many delays and the usual project problems the cost will be less than RM1.2b?
YES! I say we need a new Parliament - NO not a new building but a new government to sit in that old building.

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PeterP said...

Err... before that, exorcise, fumigate and disinfect the present building.