Thursday, June 3, 2010

41% Civil Servants CORRUPT? No Wonder Malaysia is Going Bankrupt....

I wonder just how the CUEPACS President can come up with such a figure when the BN government itself does not know the figures or maybe does not care after 50 years in power.
After all, many Malaysians believe that the government too is guilty of the corruption game by paying crony contractors dubious commissions like the RM600mil just to facilitate the purchase of our two submarines.

If CUEPACS wants to work with the MACC, here are some pointers:
1.Check out all the negotiated projects with no open tenders.
2.Check officers who delay approvals or pass projects with express delivery. Departments now have such KPI and check those unusual deals that are outside KPI by +-10%.
3.Do a house check on all department heads for housing grandeur, exotic cars or expensive holidays plus those of immediate family like parents and children.
4.If #3 looks suspicious demand to audit all their bank accounts.
5.Check the land office for properties owned.

One of the basic reasons for so much corruption is that the government did not practise the "divide and rule" principle. In the old days, it was usual to find different races at the top levels of departments and people were scared to accept bribes. Managers were more prepared to report such cases as getting rid of corrupt officials could result in a promotion.
Nowadays civil servants are about 90% mono-racial and it seems the government also treats it like a fixed deposit during elections and unwilling to weed out the corrupt officers.
Just like how the PDRM thumbed their noses at the IPCMC, the civil servants can do the same to the MACC.
ALLAH help us all!

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H J Angus said...

It seems the news editors did not double check the info.
The report should be 41% of cases corruption involve civil servants.