Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Deaths in TRAINING....Why such a long Period?

I wonder what is the annual budget for the 6-month long training that the PSD provides for PTD officers.
According to this article PSD: Training not as tough as it is for police, military Intan has trained 10,000 PTD staff since 1977 or about 300 staff per year on average.
Let us assume the cost per head for food and lodging is RM50 per day per trainee.
So each year, the basic cost for training is 300x50x6x30 equals RM2.7m.
Add in transport costs and trainer overheads we could be spending RM3m each year.
I am not suggesting that training is bad but I just wonder why it takes so long to train the PTD employees?
We should only take in the cream of the crop for PTD duties and I suggest that such people do not need 6 months training. I think a period of the 1-month OBS stint would enable the government to weed out unsuitable candidates.
After all a study of extra-curricular activities would give a quite accurate estimate of the candidates suitability and all the information that needs to be imparted can be done in the 2 to 3 months supervised work before people are posted overseas.
In a way this similar to the NS scheme - I reckon the 3-month period is simply too long and only gives us even more deficit spending. A 1-month training period is quite adequate if the program is properly devised.

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