Friday, May 28, 2010


The alarm bells are sounding loud and clear.
The BN government has been MISMANAGING the economy all these years!
Why else would the minister Idris Jala state that Malaysia could become like Greece in 9 years?
According to malaysiakini readers, they believe M'sians made to pay for BN's profligacy as we all know that Malaysia is full of abundance with good soil, water and sunshine and we also are spared from earthquakes and typhoons. The usual flooding in towns is caused by over-development and lack of maintenance.
I predict a grim future unless the BN government is voted out in the next general elections.
Some BN leaders may be roped in to help a new government as a few have good leadership qualities and may be willing to help save Malaysia.
Malaysia needs ALL our best talents to weather the storm in the next few years - Indonesia made a good transition - we can learn from them.

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