Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SIBU Buy Election - Blatant BRIBERY by the PM

I think the PM has stepped beyond the boundary of decency and decorum of the Prime Minister's office with this campaign speech. What a disgrace for the highest elected office of Malaysia.
"He wants to meet the people"? By his own admission he says "otherwise he will not come".
It is good that the people of Sibu have rejected his grossly overextended overtures. After all, the RM5mil is the voters' money and he was really a fool to try such a blatantly corrupt approach. It seems that common folks have a better sense of right and wrong.
So I guess with the BN loss, his dreams of Sibu have turned to nightmares!

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Das said...

What a disgrace! The PM of Malaysia speaking in such tones! Now I know why the great Tun cried during one of the UMNO meetings and highlighted the fact of corruption and why the Malays are so backwards since Independence! But in a matter-of-fact manner, the great Tun seems to realise the fact that it is he and his cronies who have created such a situation in Malaysia today and for which the future generation of politicians, be it from BN or the opposition, will have a tough time to set things "right"! Thank you, Tun for delivering Malaysia to its present state of affiars! Now I know why the Muslims, not only in Malaysia but around the world, need to resort to terrorism to get their message across!!!!