Monday, May 17, 2010

malaysiakini and SIBU ..the Mystery of the Postal Ballot

Congrats to the DAP for having wrested Sibu from the mighty BN who shamefully made use of government assets during the election campaign and who also offered all types of bribes to the Sibu voters.
At last many Malaysians are able to see through such vote-buying tactics and prepared not to give up control of their destiny by keeping the same people in power. It must be especially galling for the PM who flew there three times at taxpayers' expense to offer the Sibu folks the equivalent of "whisky and women" so that the BN could control their live for many more years.
I find the delay in announcing the postal ballots strange as these were all cast earlier and I find it unusual that the postal results were only finalised only at the end.
To reduce the chance of "accidents", these ballots should be counted earlier and as soon as the counting centre opens. Also postal ballots should be reduced to the bare minimum like ONLY for those on active duty in a location more than say 30km from the nearest polling station. We should also allow postal votes from Malaysians who are working in another state to cast their votes in the state capitals. This will apply for by elections and for general elections, we will allow all Malaysians to cast postal votes in the major cities where say there are more than 1000 overseas Malaysians like London, New York, Sydney etc.

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