Friday, October 2, 2009

malaysiakini on KUGAN'S DEATH by POLICE

It is not surprising at the outrage felt by malaysiakini's readers over the charge of "causing grievous hurt" against one policeman after nine months of investigations of the AG's office as described in this malaysiakini article Murder he wrote, now it's 'grievous hurt'.
I had the impression that a charge of "grievous hurt" is brought when the victim recovers but I guess there are a few creative lawyers in the AG's chambers.
This latest shenanigan of the AG's office is only part of Malaysia's sick syndrome whereby most of our important vital institutions like the PDRM, the Judiciary and the AG's office have lost their independent character to uphold justice and maintain law and order.
To me it is really imperative that voters take charge and vote in a new government so that we can save Malaysia. After seeing the stumbling efforts of the BN to reform itself we have no other choice.
It is better to have a less competent new government than the old one that knows all the dirty tricks and willing to compromise all principles of good governance.

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