Monday, October 12, 2009

malaysiakini and the X-FILES Stories

Strange things are happening in Malaysia and some of them are the stuff of science fiction stories.
First of all we have the "good guilt" guy who was able to get re-elected into the state seat of Bagan Pinang with a larger majority in this story 'Umno has legitimised corruption' .
The other story is about the split in the MCA in which both the President and Deputy President have both lost in the EGM and it shows the delegates' displeasure at the antics of the two leaders. So the malaysiakini article poses this question Will Ong quit as promised? .
What do I make of the results?
The loss in BP may be a good thing for the PR as it is a wake-up call that winning the next general elections is not a certainty. For the BN, it shows how important are the postal votes to secure victory. To postal votes should only be allowed for the few hundred of defence personnel who are in really remote places and not those in barracks.
For the MCA, well the delegates have voted and a political party is only as strong as the unity of the party. Leaders must have followers who want them to lead and the MCA members' voice is loud and clear. In a way, the MCA has shown more democratic practices than other BN componenets like UMNO. Overall I think the BN is still not out of the woods yet as far as voters are concerned but it gives its leaders a little breathing space.

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