Thursday, October 15, 2009

malaysiakini and UMNO's Road to REFORM or PERDITION?

After the MCA meltdown, we now see the usual rhetorics of the UMNO meetings with the decades old tune of "bangsa, ugama dan negara".
Maybe that is the correct mantra as it is always "me first" with the nation taking the least priority as far as UMNO is concerned.
Don't bet your life on it when they promise to take care of ALL Malaysians under the nice battle cry of 1Malaysia.
So the malaysiakini article Umno on road to reform, vows Najib has drawn some sacarstic responses.
Especially after the BN leaders tried to white-wash the money-corrupted candidate who won in the latest by-election.
I guess it shows that unfortunately for Malaysia, corruption to many Malaysians is something they are prepared to tolerate.
If things are to change, it must begin with us.

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