Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The13th GE - don't just READ malaysiakini and get angry; Get Out and Do Your Part!

Some Malaysians are already complaining about elections overload and that is understandable from the constant stream of messages from the MSM and online magazines plus Facebook that is a major social medium used by the political parties and even concerned citizens.

By now you could have decided to vote one way or another or maybe still undecided if you are even going to the polls as you believe it's a waste of time anyway - both sides may not appeal to you.

If you are undecided, this video may give you some insight on why you need to consider the things that are important to you and help make the changes you want.

If you want changes, there is no other way than for you to get out of your very comfortable zone and doing more - but what can you do?

Here are some suggestions: these activities help to protect and strengthen the democratic practices but some training is required. Check the Tindak Malaysia website now.

  1. Become an elections observer
  2. Become a counting agent
  3. Become a polls agent
You need not be a member of any political party to be a volunteer. Please Google and find out how to contribute your service.

If you want to become more involved, here are some activities to educate yourself in how politics is done in Malaysia:

Attend ceremahs
Help in canvassing for votes for candidates - volunteers are always welcomed!

For those who are not able to physically involved, the least you can do is to share on FB ideas that you have read about how to bring about change in Malaysia.
Don't just share on FB but copy and paste on your wall as that prevents cyber-troopers from deleting postings.

Discuss the elections with your friend and relatives.
Go and vote early on polling day

At least when the election results are announced, you will know you did something worthwhile for the nation's progress.

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