Saturday, April 6, 2013

malaysiakini and the 13th General Elections - Will Malaysia Become Another GREECE before the next Elections?

If one looks at the chart, the future is not looking so bright as it seems the government has been spending way beyond our means with expensive projects that do not appear to have a good return.
Looking at the years between 2003 and 2013, within 10 years the gross debt has increased from RM188,792bil to RM546,015bil or almost 2.9 times!

Najib alphabet soup programs seem to be hastening the day that we become the basket case of ASEAN as this government has created massive debt-creating vehicles like 1MBD - this company does not borrow millions but billions!

You can read the malaysiakini article 10 questions for 1MDB
for better insight about how the government can spend so recklessly. So who is person who has to bear the debt? Ultimately it is the taxpayers who have to pay. In the recent case of Cyprus, even those with savings in the banks lost money and some up to 40% of large deposits. The estimated population of Malaysia is 29,628,392(CIA estimate at July 2013). This means that for each Malaysian, there is a debt burden of about RM18,400. Does the government really care about reducing the debt when the PM appears too generous to give out money so freely in order to win votes? Please decide carefully before you vote.

Here are some KPIs that I consider important for my vote - Please watch the 10-minute presentation below that can help you decide.

You have the POWER to help change Malaysia!

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