Monday, March 4, 2013

The Venice Adventure (6)

When you have 5 nights in a city, you tend to take things a little easy for we normally plan for 3 nights only.
The next day we headed to San Marco again for it is the heart of all activities; especially during the Carnevale. We made use of the free shuttle provided by the hotel and as you can see no one else was on the water taxi.

This is the expensive shopping arcade around the San Marco area; mostly branded goods - you know the saying - "If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it!" You can see some walking costumes in the distance.

Isn't that a colourful pair? They had a long runway!
This girl in red was posing for a photo shoot and we too were allowed to take her photo. Is that supposed to be an apple in her hands?

A detailed look at some of the really intricate masks for sale. These will cost hundred of Euros!

We wanted to get to San Giorio across the water and returned to the vaporetti stops-some face painters were located here and business was brisk.  

This family was taking in the sights too or rather, everyone was attracted to their bright and interesting costumes - the Orange family, perhaps?
That twirling pleated skirt can confuse you!

We took the No2 vapo and took the lift to the first landing in the spire of San Giorgio. The church charges EU3 for the lift and it is worth it for there are no windows etc to block the view. We were a little early and there was no one there except us for a few minutes. I guess the Carnevale attractions had reduced the number of visitors?    

This is the church of La Salute that forms a triangle with San Marco and San Giorgio - one of the many churches and museums we did not visit.

This is one of the most popular and familiar views of Venice - Saint Mark's square taken from across the water in San Giorgio.

For art lovers, there are thousands of paintings to be viewed in Venice - mostly religious scenes and many of the work is displayed in churches. This was in the Correr Museum - note the security device at the bottom right corner of the frame.

This was dinner for the day. We bought half a roasted chicken and a few potatoes from a supermarket. There is a Co-op chain in Venice but the locations are not prominent; except for the one opposite the vaporetta stations at Piazzale Roma. (we missed it on the first night in the storm)

Two questions for you to do: 1.How much is the cost of dinner?

2. Was there enough food for 2 of us?
We had some food leftover - salad would have been nice! You need to click on the smaller photo to see the prices- Bon appetit!

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