Tuesday, March 5, 2013

malaysiakini and the Pandora's Box in Sabah.....

This letter by Mariam Mokhtar is a good report of what has gone wrong in Sabah. She describes Najib's affairs all off-target and even if she does not have all the secret documents, it makes a compelling read.

What exactly went wrong in Sabah?

I have the following broad items that could relate to our current dilemma:

Malaysia has been instrumental in getting the peace accord between the Philippines and MNLF signed so that peace(?) has broken out in southern Philippines. In the process, those that lost out in the peace deal may not want to lay down their weapons and looked further south (ie Malaysia) for a soft target.

For unknown reasons or reasons best known to only a few, Malaysia has given out and still giving ICs to many illegals of dubious loyalty. For instance, it has been recorded that the locals in Sabah are now outnumbered by foreigners.....how many of these have an IC given under Project IC?

Those armed intruders may have many relatives and supporters among those given ICs and maybe the "new citizens" believe that the time is right to reclaim Sabah for their own? After all, if you outnumber the locals, you can even elect the new state government! Also the RCI that is going on has revealed many aspects of Project IC that may have spooked the "new citizens" as many Malaysians are really angry at how the BN regime has cheated in past elections.

Pandora's box has been opened in Sabah and it is hoped that the authorities take the following measures to restore some confidence of Malaysians in the instruments of state:

1.Suspend all election campaigning and re-convene an Emergency sitting of Parliament. If the Cabinet are BLUR on how to handle the situation, let our MPs debate the security issues.

2.Produce the list of all the "instant citizens" registered under Project IC and these names to be removed from the Electoral Rolls. Grant them and their children PR status; with the children granted citizenship after 18 years with good behaviour and passing the citizenship test.

3.Take legal actions against the leaders involved in Project IC unless it can be proved that the matter was debated in Parliament and approved. 

Simply killing the armed intruders will not solve the Sabah issues. Those men are just symptoms of the larger problems we are facing.
ALLAH help us to do the right thing!

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