Monday, February 25, 2013

Our Trip to Venice (4)

During Carnevale you will find people dressed up with different types of costumes - these three were sitting outside the Palazzo Ducale and made and an interesting shot with their fancy costumes.
This intricate mosaic landing was part of the interior staircase in an earlier post. The work is very fine and I daresay the workmanship is far superior to what we find in the best homes today. 

Another view along the Grand Canal. The water level was pretty high and the water lapped close to the floor of some high tide, some building would be flooded.
Another picturesque figure...his headgear indicates he could be a high palace official.
Some gondolas near San Marco. The church in the background is San Giorgio and we took a lift up the tower to view San Marco from the other side of the Grand Canal. The No2 boat station is about 200 meters from this point.
Such a sweet smile from this pretty lady in her intricate costume.
San Giorgio is on an island that contains only church buildings.

These seniors looked pompous in their costumes!
This little boy/girl? was picking confetti from the ground. At first we thought it was a fat puppy!
The Rialto Bridge taken at night - this is a good place for food and souvenirs.

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