Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Full Day - Venice Tour (5)

We spent the second day going to the outer islands of Murano and Burano; the former is famous for beautiful glass ornaments and the latter for lace.

In ancient Venice, the authorities encouraged people to go there to learn new skills with just one proviso- you cannot leave once you are skilled. I guess that was an early version of how to protect intellectual property!
Still a few managed to escape and that is why we find other places in the world with such skills too.

This early morning shot shows a small boat unloading supplies - it has a small crane for heavier loads. Adds to the costs of transporting goods.

As we had a few minutes waiting for the private water taxi, we explored the hotel a little and decided to have some fun.

"How do you waltz in this?" The correct hand placement should be at the waist and not the hips!

My wife hiding between the 2 costumes and that really shows how wide that costume was.

A view of the hotel interior - showing the reception

and the lobby. The 2 "dolls" are located opposite where I am seated.

The display was to advertise the rental services they had at the hotel. We saw a few hotel guests in costume when they were walking back after a day's parade.

The water taxi was a few minutes late; so we ventured into the hotel's private garden that are supposed to be the largest in Venice.
This site was formerly a monastery and the garden had a tall wall. The hotel site stretches from the small canal in front to the Venice Lagoon at the back. There were a few hotel suites on both sides of the garden. 

Finally we are away on the private water taxi provided by the glass factory.
It was about a 10-minutes ride from the hotel directly to the glass factory.
The downside was we had to watch the glass-making process that was interesting enough (20 minutes) and visit their very expensive showroom.
The exhibits were really beautiful but we both would not consider paying in excess of $20,000 to be a wise investment. OK if you are a millionaire, though. 

At the glass factory...only a few women enter this trade and it takes many years to be considered a master.

My wife trying to mimic the glass clowns!

A collection of glass flowers in Murano - beautiful when they caught the sunlight!
A quiet bridge in Murano

Burano is famous for its brightly coloured houses...reminded me of Carmelito in Buenos Aires that has a more vibrant air.

Captured this "2-headed" lady on the vaporetta on the journey back to Venice.
Some were models on a day's shoot. We were rushing back for a 4:30 appointment with a local tour guide but were about 15minutes late. I had left his phone number at the hotel so had no way to contact him. Later we found out he had waited maybe 10 minutes for us and then left. We walked about 20 minutes from where the vaporetta docked to the Rialto Bridge, the rendezvous.

This is inside one of the numerous churches you will find in Venice. Just pay a visit and take a break from the busy routine that makes up most holidays.....but you have to pay to enter some churches.
Our night program was called "Love Duets" at the Palazzo Musicale. The singing was in Italian but that was no problem to appreciate the quality of the 2 singers, a tenor and a soprano. The setting was the hall of a palace and there was no sound system. No need for such as when the two sang, you could feel their energy vibrate in your was that powerful. As the singers were at a distance of perhaps 5 meters, the effect was a little hair-raising at times!
You can see 2 of the sets for the Love Duets. The audience was about 20 and we met a young Chinese engineer who was on her own. The audience numbered 30 or fewer.  
By the time the concert ended at about 10pm, we were tired and headed back for a restful slumber. Do you burn up more energy during holidays?

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