Sunday, June 26, 2011

malaysiakini on the BERSIH Crackdown

Malaysia must be the only nation in the world that considers the use of anti-terrorism laws like the ISA to clamp down on citizens who want to march in a peaceful assembly to demand free and fair elections.
According to the malaysiakini report Bersih crackdown: 59 PSM members arrested even sitting in a bus en route to KL, where the march will be held on 9th July, can result in a police arrest.
When ordinary citizens resort to street protests, it shows serious problems of credibility for any government but when the authorities clamp down hard on any peaceful assembly, it shows that the government cares little for the common man.

The basic problem with BN government is that their main agenda is POLITICS and not really providing a good and just government.
Everything is “politicised” and crony dealing is the main exercise plus trying to destabilise the opposition states.
No one is focussing on affairs of state but sex affairs.
That is why Malaysians NEED to change this government…it is not that PR does not have problems but anyone EXCEPT BN will be better for Malaysia.

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