Wednesday, June 29, 2011

malaysiakini and the Latest Astounding Tales from Malaysia...

I am taking a break during July as I will be travelling to Canada; from Vancouver right across to St. John's in Newfoundland to visit my daughter.
Things are looking ugly in Malaysia; with the police declaring the BERSIH rally illegal and wearing the yellow T-shirts too can result in an arbitrary arrest; according to the Home Minister.

This is what I wrote in malaysiakini's comments:
What utter rubbish from the Home Minister! I propose the BERSIH organisers should promote eating durian or nasi beriyani as a means to get members to join the rally. How about that? Eat durians and nasi beriyani to support the BERSIH movement!

On the 50% overspending on the National Service:
They have exceeded their budget by more than 50%. How does the government overspend like this without approval? That is why subsidies for the ordinary folks have been feed the BN cronies! This is why Malaysia is going bankrupt soon.

This is the best article from m'kini on the enormous budgets to operate the PM and DPM residences. Looks like the era of emperors is not over!

RM160k a month for electricity bills? Wow! they definitely need to change their life-styles! The basic problem is the design of the buildings which is probably fully air-conditioned - those reception halls must be major electricity guzzlers....better if they designed open-air halls with proper ventilation and high roofs properly insulated to entertain their guests.....with nice shady trees, there is really no need for air-conds. I also suggest the PM and DPM should be granted maybe RM5000 and RM3000 electricity allowances pm. If they exceed the budget, they should pay their own way.

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yellowkingdom said...

I'm all for granting the PM and DPM a restricted allowance for electricity. Anything more must come from their pockets. I'm sickened with the excesses and over-running of expenditures without proper controls. Time to CLEAN UP the scum and detritus.