Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who is Running the SHOW? The Prime Minister or his Wife?

Just a few days after Malaysians were shocked at the withdrawal of more subsidies for fuel, gas and sugar the wife of the Prime Minister comes out with another demand as reported in malaysiakini's article Rosmah wants MOF to fund Wisma Wanita in all states after she opened a Wisma Wanita in Sabah.
The PM should control his wife from making such demands as she does not hold any official post in the government. Of course, she can use her charms to sweet talk her husband but this demand is out of line.
Why would any state have to spend say RM30mil just for another building project? Instead of demanding money from her husband who controls the MoF, she should do some earnest work to raise funds from the private sector or are UMNO cronies keeping a tight rein on their purses?
Besides if the Wanita programs are useful, there is no need for any special building as we have thousands of vacant shop-lets available in most towns.

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