Friday, March 19, 2010

Can 1Malaysia Become 1MERITOCRACY?

Did you watch the PM's speech at the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation?
For once we hear the nation's leader mention the word "meritocracy" that has never been used in official speeches as it sort of became taboo after that tiny red dot Singapore used it to progress far beyond anyone's imagination.
Yes Malaysia too needs to embrace meritocracy if we are to overcome our serious problems of apathy, lethargy and leadership malaise with the frequent policy FLIP-FLOPs.
Maybe a footwear company can achieve great global success if we market a particular brand of slippers under the 1Malaysia brand? Everytime the government back-tracks like on the GST issue, sales will be boosted.
Seriously, Najib needs to take his MERITOCRACY themed speech to be delivered at his Monday morning assemblies and take action there.
Delivering a nice speech at a private foundation will hardly make a dent in our national problems untill the leaders wield a bigger stick in the public sector.
For a start one of the KPIs for the civil service is to trim the work force by 10% each year untill the force is reduced by at least 30%.
There is no need to sack anyone - just stop re-employing retirees and those who are sacked or resign and reduce the fresh graduate intake by maybe 20%.

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PeterP said...

I don't think they will reduce the number of civil servants. That is their voter base !