Sunday, April 12, 2009

malaysiakini and the LOSING of BY-ELECTIONS

Since the March 2008 political tsunami, the BN coalition has lost all three parliamentary by-elections and the voters in PP, KT and BG have all given the BN ample warning that they will no longer tolerate a government that does not put the people first.
The new PM has the catchy slogan of "People First" but that did not convince the voters of BG and the power grab in Perak that was engineered by Najib certainly showed it to be just a slick campaign.
According to this malaysiakini article, Ku Li: By-elections defeat a disgrace after the deposed MB of Perak was elected to Parliament with a bigger majority.
Will BN leaders ever learn? I am convinced no one can change UMNO and its culture unless they have a major breakdown like losing in the next general elections.
Once they are booted out of government, all the corrupt warlords will disappear and UMNO may get the opportunity to reform with a new breed of leaders that will truly put "People First".

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