Monday, February 9, 2009

malaysiakini and PUTTING an END to MONEY POLITICS....

There was a talk show on Bernama on the morning after the BN coup in Perak and one of the speakers was the famous constitutional lawyer Prof. Dr Shad Saleem Faruqi suggested that the constitution should be amended to make party-hopping illegal.
Three major outcome of this major change would be:
1.It will create more stability for both state and federal governments.
2.It will ensure our politicians become more honest with those who voted for them.
3.It will protect the royalty from getting undue influence from powerful politicians and enable them to continue to enjoy the support of their subjects.

I daresay if party-hopping had been illegal, Malaysia could have focussed more on major economic affairs rather than wallow through the mud-slinging contest we have seen since March 2008.
I wonder if the BN coup was planned many months ago and when that guy took the step to cross-over to Pakatan, it was only one of many pre-determined well-orchestrated steps.
Remember how the Perak UMNO chief Tajol Rosli stepped down? That was to pave the way for the big guns in UMNO to get to the Sultan. I don't think TR was heavyweight enough.
Some say Anwar had a taste of his own medicine and now so are even clamouring for action against the Perak MB. This malaysiakini article sure has a strident shrill about it. Rafidah: Take action against Nizar.
To be fair to Nizar, the state assembly should be called in the proper fashion and the vote of confidence tabled.
That would be the proper way to dismiss him if the votes are against the PR government.
I am sure that is what the people of Perak want to witness. Let him be defeated with honour and not deposed like some cheap crook.

As for those who want to change parties, I would suggest they be allowed to do so but the seat is then declared vacant.
Any person who resigns his seat and then seeks re-election within say 2 years must pay a deposit say 10 times what a new contestant pays.
Suppose you are contesting for the first time and the deposit is RM5000. Your opponent is the person who switched parties and is re-contesting on a different ticket - his deposit is RM50,000.

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