Tuesday, October 7, 2008

malaysiakini Reports on the BN Farewell PARTY

I wonder if the BN parties will have a cake to celebrate the "leadership transition plan" or perhaps a show of fireworks as indicated in this malaysiakini article PM to brief BN leaders tomorrow .
Any BN component party leader worth his salt would be upset at such a late briefing -it is not even a discussion unless Badawi announces that he is making a last Herculean attempt to put things right for the BN coalition and at least needs their support to fight for the UMNO Presidency.

UMNO as it is is going down the tubes unless there is a major change in policies. By simply vacating his post, Badawi is acknowledging that his term of office has been a singular failure. No doubt some things were started but unless given time to fruition, many of the initiatives will be lost or reversed.

I hope some BN leaders will have the gumption to tell him they will leave the BN if he decides not to contest. After all, UMNO has the PM's and DPM's appointments only with the BN's coalition agreement in place.
Any change in leadership should be a good opportunity to revisit those concessions.

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